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Call to discuss all your video needs

TV Commercials

“That ad looks like a local ad” - the dreaded words no business wants to hear!  However it doesn’t have to be that way - we put time and effort into ensuring your TV Commercial Campaign (you don’t just want one, do you?) gets people saying “that ad looks like a WaggaWaggaTV ad!”  That’s much better, right?

Video Productions

You want your story told, but will people listen?  If it’s engaging enough they should.  Let’s sit down and discuss what you need as an outcome and who your target audience is.  Need to recruit more staff?  We’ve got some ideas.  Need to show off your product or service?  We’ve got some ideas.  Need to promote an event?  We’ve got some ideas.  Ideas must matter, I’ve said it three times!


Sometimes your story is so big, just another video won’t cut it.  And, if you’ve got a captive audience, tied up, bound to a chair with their eyes pinned open, you can tell a longer story too.  Oh, hang on - not tied, bound and eyes pinned open - that’s a scene from A Clockwork Orange.  I’m trying to say we don’t need to do that to connect with your audience, which is why we sometimes suggest a documentary or TV Show-style format to entertain, educate and engage.  Check out our reels for some examples.  

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